What's Raedwolf?

Raedwolf is a young company driven by a passion for horses and entrepreneurship. The slogan 'be bold' translates our vision: dare to stand out, dare to take on challenges, dare to take chances. We would like to bring some diversity to the classic horse world with a range full of colorful patterns, on both saddle pads and accessories. The future is full of ideas!

What do we stand for?

Craftsmanship & quality

Our products are not a result of mass production: they are handmade with great care and attention to detail.

Tested materials

The textiles are OEKO-TEX Standard100 certified, which means that they don't contain hazardous substances.

Fair production

All production is done in the EU at fair prices. When possible, we work with small(er) businesses like ourselves.

Ease of use

All our items are simple to maintain. Stains are easy to wash off with a wet cloth.
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